king kubb

"Absolutely awesome, added a great interest to our festival! Fun for all game. Spectacular giant loved by all & superb team to work with! Thanks guys we can't wait to have you back to Beacon Festival"

Lindsay Howard-Deanm Beacon Festival, Oxfordshire

"Having worked with King Kubb at many different festivals & events this year I have found that they are always a crowd pleaser. The historically accurate 'Game of Thrones' gets families, work mates, adults & kids excited and eager to play again and again..."

Steve Benton, Sunrise Festival

"What an excellent way of bringing people together! King Kubb went down a storm for us at Green Man 2013. I loved the way people watching really got into it and teamed up to play even when they didn't know each other. It brought out the best festival spirit in everyone. Excellent!"

Emily Williams, SOMEWHERE Area Manager, Green Man Festival

"The real centrepieces are the giants. So effective and lifelike they are a real draw to any event. Perfect to lead a parade, lights switch-on or canival, the Kubb giants really make the event stand out...Working with Barney and the rest of the Kubb crew has been a pleasure this year. They come equipped for any eventuality, are a self-contained unit and clean up after themselves. A true professional outfit."

Steve Benton, Sunrise Festival

“I wasn't in the mood for playing games, but I was drawn in by the fun that others were having. It is great fun and anyone can play this! Good ideas in practice. X”

Kate Jones, Festival goer

“Good fun, easy for all ages. I liked wearing the hat and feeling stronger”

Ohiane Urangu, Festival goer, Green Man Festival

“Es muy sencillo aprender y divertido jugar. Trabajas la habilidad de todo ol cuerpo”

Daniel Santamaria, Festival goer, Croissant Neuf Festival 2013

“Loved how simple and enjoyable it was. I would love to be able to play it at home with my kids. Thanks!”

Hernando Alvarez, Festival goer, Croissant Neuf Festival

Great fun for everyone!”

Rachel Seymour, Festival goer, Green Man Festival

“Great game - loads of fun at any age. Who can resist throwing sticks at things. Friendly game to play with people you don't know”

Dave Hall, Festival goer, Green Man Festival

“Really enjoyed my first game of Kubb. Sets look great and the rules were explained well. Would be keen to buy a set”

Lindsay Barrett, Festival goer, Croissant Neuf Festival